Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time is Flying... and so is the snow

Good morning everyone!

I'd like to make a warm welcome to several new followers, thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!  Hugs to everyone!

Well, I love my Apple products but Icloud is a bit fussy when it comes to sending my photos to the computer, lol, technology, need I say more?  I was about to give up and I just took a quick peak and they are finally loading now :)

My hand is doing very well, thank you everyone for asking, I've been doing the deep tissue massage to get rid of the nasty scare, it has it 's moments, like I have little strength yet, lol, but I can stitch and stitch I have!  Yeh, it's hard to put down the needle, i've neglected some of my household chores with the excuse of my hand...but I have no excuse why I am stitching :)

They finally posted our Stitched with Love Winter Exchange,
here are the goodies I received from Kathy at Kathy's Sit and Stitch....

Here are the goodies that I sent to Christine in England at  Whilst Iris Naps

Bent Creek called Cozy, miscellaneous linen and required threads

I converted the WDW threads to DMC for With Thy Needle and Thread Crumpets and Tea, there are so many colors that I don't have, DH will divorce me if I spend all that $$ on "string"  ugh.
oh,  I think I need to put a disclaimer on my exchange pieces about my specialty thread- I call it Chloe and the color is Golden Retriever!  No matter how much i brush and vacuum her fur always ends up into my pieces, she demands attention when i stitch, she flops herself across my lap until i give her a hug....then I have brand new fiber added into my pieces.  Anyone else has this problem?

OK, back to Crumpets and Tea, the colors are delicious, I can't wait to start on it, after I of course finish some WIPS, or I may add it to my WIP collection.  OH, I am so in love with all those charts I snagged from Market, I just want to start them all.

Oh, yes, March 21 and we are having flurries right now, nothing major, but I would really like some warmer weather, my flowers are starting to poke up through the ground, the poor wee robins don't know what to think!  Both the kids are in a soccer tournament this weekend and myself and DH will be  out in the frigid temps right along with the kids, I suppose I need to pull some blankets and toss them into the truck.  It's going to be a long weekend....:)

 A small piece I was able to finish fairly quickly, A spring Day, so cute.

I think that is it for now, or at least all that I can remember at the moment! I'm sure I have forgotten something...

 Thanks for the visit.

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  1. Your hand is looking great!!! Oh, stitching is gentle on the hands, household chores ~ not so easy.....hehehe.....
    Lovely exchange goodies ~ and yes, have Panzer fibers in black and brown. I have a few older framed pieces that I look at and can point out the fibers from our old rottie and our cat!
    I'll be right there with you this weekend ~ my older two are playing in tournaments! Wouldn't be s bad if the temps were at least on average for the season, but no, they have to be below average!!

  2. I have the same thread problem only mine is black and grey, called Woody from the golden doodle designers. It's so very fine and hard to get out once it's sewn in! Lovely exchanges and finish.

  3. Dear Dawn,
    your hand looks pretty good. All the things you get look so pretty. The one with spring on it is my favorite today ;-).

  4. Hello deary,your hand is looking so good now :)
    Super sweet exchanges gifts and your stitching is so pretty..
    A spring day is looking so sweet..
    Hugs Cucki x