Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Finish and A Rak

Good afternoon friends,

I started my day off with finishing three pieces, 1 cannot show you as it is for an exchange but I made Springtime Happy Dance by Widgets and Wool (I love them)

then I finished I love you more by Hands On Design, it's a freebie, I did it for my mom as she always told me "I love you more" and then she does it to my daughter too...

I have been making FOBs out of beads and sent one to Grace since she collects thimbles and has been under the weather for a while now...  Grace sent me my first RAK of the year much to my surprise and I wanted to do something nice for her.

I finished Blossom Home from All through the night and took it to LNS to get framed today...It was done on 30 ct Tin Room from Weeks Dye Works and the required threads.  I did leave off some little highlights in the hearts, it was in Onyx and I didn't like them, daughter agreed so I ripped them out.

And.....of course one can't come out of a LNS empty-handed so I bought the linen for La D Da's Mercy Mercy and Little House Needleworks "Needleworker" and amazingly left without any new charts!   I bought some WDE for the Mercy Mercy, Needleworker included them with the chart.
I keep hearing the credit card rewards commercial in my head, the one where they go rock climbing, "what girl doesn't need new shoes?"  well shoes are nice, don't get me wrong, but in my happy place it's linen and threads, lol!

Well it was a long weekend, both kids were in a soccer tournament that our club hosted, 4 games Sat, 4 games Sun, Sat I got sunburned, Sunday I got Frostbit, lol.  Sunday was bad, the snow was really big and wet,  it was sooo cold outside, they actually cancelled the last 2 games on Sunday.  Thankfully!

Here is the view from my car, after my daughters first game, my son was on his own, lol, I was with him in spirit.  :)  He was just happy to jump into a heated car after the game.

DH started his basement project, he is finishing it, half of the framing is done, we hope to get it completed by Thanksgiving, we   he is doing the majority of the work, I though in my two cents here and there and lots of "looks great dear"- he loves to stay busy so who am I to interfere?  Well, perhaps if I see a pole being secured I'll have to speak up, lol.

Anyways, So happy to be reading everyones blogs and seeing all the spring projects being completed, everything looks wonderful!

Hugs to all...


  1. Aww so cute ..super sweetie bunnies.
    And that scissor fob is just so darling...
    Love for you x

  2. Great finishes Dawn! Love the scissor fob. you arer a sweet friend. That snow picture looks so cold!! It has been raining here in Bama. Ready for Spring myself!!

  3. More bunny stitching--I love seeing all the bunny finishes this month and these are adorable, Dawn! I'm with you; I'd take thread and linen over new shoes any day of the week!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter :)

  4. What precious bunnies!! I love all the purple, it looks so springy! I remember a few games like that when my son was younger. I'm glad they cancelled some of the games!! The fob you made was just beautiful! What a nice present! Happy Easter!

    The Stamper's Stitches

  5. I love your Easter/Spring stitches! So sweet!

  6. Great stitching Dawn. Looks like the hand must be healing well! Giggle about DH fixing up the basement - you don't want to learn to dance if he attaches that pole??

  7. Wow, I wish we could dance a "spring happy dance" , too. It is snowing :-(
    Your stitching are so beautiful!!! Your hand heals well.
    Love Sabine

  8. Oh my goodness, what cute finishes!!! Love them. And that scissor fob - so pretty!!!! Looking forward to seeing you next project.

  9. I love your finished! Especially Springtime Happy Dance.. How cute! That scissor fob is gorgeous!

  10. Great finishes! You sure are spreading the smiles with your raks!!
    Hope the weather warms up soon for sports ~ I'm just afraid that it will go into the heat of summer and skip the warm spring....
    Have a wonderful Easter!