Monday, March 4, 2013

Retail Therapy or certifiable?

hello dear friend,
forgive my typing, awkward with one hand :)  i did some stitching yesterday, 3 lines of sheep virtue and paid for it last night, sigh, guess im still not ready ;(   stitches come out wednesday and then i'll try again. lhn called last week to say framing done on winter plaid- YEH!, however, we all know that market was this weekend and though i was happy to see my piece, i couldnt take my eyes off the table of goodies.  i forgot to take a picture of all the stitch stuff.  but i bought my share and everyone elses too!  i can honestly say ive never purchased so much in such a short amount of time, lol.  every time i sked her "oh do you have..." she pulled nit out for me.  i was as giddy as my puppy chasing a butterfly.

ok  here are the pics of my new stash and we all agree i went overboard!

dang it, I can't get the photos to load, maybe latter, but here are the titles of what i bought so you can agree I've lost my mind

All  through the Night- Jack, Harry, Henry, Sew Happy, Blossoms Home,& Noel. 
Lizzie Kate- Chicks kit
LHN- Needleworker Kit
With Thy Needle and Thread- Three Tulips & Crumpets and Tea
La D Da- Mercy Mercy

some linen and a sheep beaded fob

so my bag full, my wallet empty and hand bandaged and literally aching- I set home to stare and smile at my new stash :)

the end, wasn't that exciting?

have a blessed evening


  1. I hope you heal quickly! I would be going nuts...and maybe you did in shopping but who cares! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, we so need pictures! Soon those stitches will be a thing of the past and you'll be back to needle and floss.

  3. hello deary, i hope and pray you get well soon..
    lovely stash..
    big hugs x

  4. It's all retail therapy! Great stash!

  5. Glad you can at least shop still, Dawn!! You got some great things :) Hope your doctor's appt. goes well today and that you'll be healed and back to stitching normally very soon!

  6. Great stash!! There's nothing like shopping for new charts and goodies to make one feel better!