Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday

Good morning friends and a special wave to my new followers, thank you for stopping by.

I finished Hope on Saturday night and started a new stitch, Blossoms Home by All Through the Night.
I was so happy to get stitching in with little discomfort and actually finish it.  My hand gets tired and I don't have a lot of strength yet but I can stitch!  The scar is healing well equally.  A special thank you to everyone who has been emailing me asking how I have been doing, your friendship is truly appreciated.

It's a very rainy Monday here...perfect for stitching!  Have a wonderful week everyone, be blessed.

Hugs and stitches,


  1. Such a sweet finish! Your hand is looking a lot better ~ keep massaging!!

  2. Yay! You're able to stitch again! It looks great, and I'm so glad your hand is healing. Don't overdo it now!!!


  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy well done dear..such a sweet finish..
    your hand is looking so better now..
    love for you x

  4. So glad you are able to stitch again! Your wrist is looking much better. And your finish really is sweet.

  5. I can see a big improvement in your hand, Dawn--I'm so happy it is well enough to allow you some stitching time :) Your LHN finish is adorable!

  6. Cute finish! Glad to see that you are doing well! :)

  7. Your hand is healing! Yay!! I'm glad you can stitch a bit again...just take it easy :D