Friday, May 24, 2013

My first framing attempt :)

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I picked up my frame from Hobby Lobby and went to town, of course I had to reposition the piece, pin and re pin, I have ocd about it being centered so here it is, I am happy with it and will probably continue to do some more on my own.  I just have to add the hook on the back so I can hang it up.

 my computer doesn't want to cooperate and rotate this photo- my apologies

I've been working on my LHN piece, I'm so in love with this, I hope I can finish her this weekend to start something else...

Today is my 5th anniversary, wow, what a journey, but a good one, filled with life lessons, love etc.  He's treating me out to the Melting Pot (fondue)  I love that place. We loved the one in Va Beach, so much so that we always had the same waiter, the management knew us, and yes, we invited the waiter to our wedding.  We were always spoiled at the one in Va Beach, but this is nice to.

Ashley and I planted our garden today, actually we made it bigger and added more tomatoes, more peppers, cucumbers, water melon, cantaloup, cilantro, basil , i think that is all.  We are excited for some fresh veggies. I also planted some flowers to.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A new start

Good morning friends,

Please take a moment and remember the tornado victims, if at all possible, consider donating to the Red Cross, you can simply text a $10.00 donation to 90999 and type in Red Cross in the message line.

On to some stitchy news for me.  I was working on the Courage, LHN little sheep virtue series, man I was making some progress, then I find a mistake, i rip it out, I recount and recount and find another mistake, rip out, and after ripping out half a days progress and continuing to make a mistake, I said bah humbug and put it back in the envelope for now.  I ripped out all the decorative stitches that were on the green center.

I was all ready to start All through the Nights "Blackbirds" but I found a piece of miscellaneous even weave and it called to me.  Has anyone had a piece of fabric that you knew you must have?  This isn't a  fancy piece, just I new I had to stitch on it, so I grabbed LHN's My Needles work and the color pack of crescent colors was a perfect match for it.  It's an olive color piece of fabric but this pattern and fabric were just speaking to me, and so I've been a stitching fool :)  I have so many CCN and LHN patterns kitted up and waiting for me, I swear my mind changes daily, umm sometimes hourly on what I want to stitch...does anyone else go through this?  I also have a habit of pulling out all my kitted patterns and making plans to stitch them, and then a new pattern comes out...and we all know what that must buy the new patterns and then reorganize the kits as to priority :)

Well, off to sip on some coffee and get back to stitching.  I hope everyone has a safe and blessed day.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Happy Dance

Waving hello to everyone on this glorious day, it's very hot, over 80 right now, two days ago we were under a frost advisory, go figure.  However, the birds are out, the sun is out, there is a breeze, just gave Chloe a hose bath, little bit of stitching done and cleaned the upholstery in the car my FIL gave us for the kids.  Phew, busy morning.

Ok, on to something stitchey....this is a wip I started last summer then fall game and I jumped into fall and winter themes, so I saw her laying there in my basket and knew I had to finish her off.
Two Yellow Houses- LHN
32 Ct. Belfast linen- Amber.

So she is added to my list of need to finish pile, seems I have been stitching more then I can afford to frame, I have several online blogging buddies encouraging me to try it myself, which I do plan on it, but the kids needs  wants seem to be taking priority at the moment.  Anyways...I wanted to share this happy dance with you and get back to stitching.  I decided to start LHN "courage", this is out of order but I'm a nonconformist, lol.  

Have a wonderful day

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Monday

Good morning friends,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.  My hubby had Tulips sent to me.  I appreciated them so much, such a happy flower, now if the weather would only match the happy flowers.  We had a frost advisory this morning!  Middle of May and I'm wondering will my heat be turned off any time soon?
 I went to LNS on Saturday and picked up Blossom Home from All through the night, it was done with 30 ct Tin Roof.

Here is a picture of my puppy giving me some Chloe love, she is a ham.  I can report that Golden Retrieves don't have "dog breathe" so I won't wilt  :)

I'll leave with that,  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Hugs and Stitches

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Dance- Spring Jack

Good afternoon dear friends

May I introduce to you Spring Jack (with 5 o'clock shadow).  I did him on 28ct. sky blue linen and used the alt DMC threads.  This was a nice easy project with few color changes.

I have 3 Tulips, Tea and Crumpets and several other projects in my basket, but since it is near summer, I decided to pick up my WIP of Two Yellow Houses by LHN, I keep telling myself to finish what I have instead of starting more, I have several wips waiting for my attention.  I also received in todays mail Little Sheep Virtues- Courage by LHN.  I still need to finish 2,3,and now 4.

Today has been a beautiful day.  I spent the early morning weeding and clipping shubbery, then I sat on my swing and stitched happily as the weather is warm, the breeze is gentle and all was quiet.

I hope everyone has a blessed day as I have...

PS- as I look out the window it is pouring rain, geesh

Hugs and Stitches

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Jack progress

Good evening to all my friends,

How is everyone enjoying this spring we are having, I think mother nature is a little bi-polar at the moment.  I've been busy with soccer kids, this week is a tournament for my daughter and also my son's last game for the season with his club team.  Many changes for next spring as we are losing 5 of his team mates as they graduate high school and move on.  This has been by far their best season and no drama with the parents, it's a shame i have to say that but we have been blessed with some wonderful parents on this team.

Well, here is a picture of Jack that I took this afternoon, I was able to put on 2 more flowers since then, I just love the colors in this pattern, I used the DMC listing that came with the pattern.  

I had an extra special visitor to my feeder this week, 2 beautiful blue birds, I believe they are indigo buntings, one on the feeder and the other on the ground.  I've  never seen them before, they were beautiful.

I will say good evening to everyone, time to go pick up my daughter from work.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and Stitches