Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Dance- Spring Jack

Good afternoon dear friends

May I introduce to you Spring Jack (with 5 o'clock shadow).  I did him on 28ct. sky blue linen and used the alt DMC threads.  This was a nice easy project with few color changes.

I have 3 Tulips, Tea and Crumpets and several other projects in my basket, but since it is near summer, I decided to pick up my WIP of Two Yellow Houses by LHN, I keep telling myself to finish what I have instead of starting more, I have several wips waiting for my attention.  I also received in todays mail Little Sheep Virtues- Courage by LHN.  I still need to finish 2,3,and now 4.

Today has been a beautiful day.  I spent the early morning weeding and clipping shubbery, then I sat on my swing and stitched happily as the weather is warm, the breeze is gentle and all was quiet.

I hope everyone has a blessed day as I have...

PS- as I look out the window it is pouring rain, geesh

Hugs and Stitches


  1. Yay I am dancing with you jack is looking so cute and the other project is looking lovely too..
    Happy stitching x

  2. Sounds like a blissful afternoon!!! Your stitching is just beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    You have done a great job with Spring Jack. I love the colors. This DOES deserve a happy dance!
    Your stitching is beautiful. LHN Two Yellow Houses will be finished in no time....looks good already.

    I am a new follower and just recently returned to blog land. Hope you will visit!

    Happy Stitching

  4. Hi Dawn, how beautiful! We had some nice and sunny days and I spent some time on my swing, knitting and stitching. My alphabet sampler is growing, but slowly. I join you in your happy spring dance :-))
    Love Sabine

  5. I haven't seen the Spring Jack design before, I like the cute little bird with the hat in his "hair".

  6. With that picture Jack's shadow isn't visible. It looks amazing. Think my weather is about to change today - it has been gorgeous this week hasn't it?

  7. Just found your blog--you are a crazy fast stitcher! Congrats on fininshing Jack. I agree with Mary, Two Yellow Houses will be finished quickly, if it hasn't been already! Beautiful stitching!

  8. Jack turned out so cute, Dawn--great job, and his facial hair is hardly noticeable now :)

    Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day with your kids today!

  9. I love two yellow houses :) cute!

  10. Very cute finish!! Love Jack's colors!! The thought of stitching on the porch sounds lovely ~ well, any stitching time sounds good to me right now!

  11. I've been watching your progress - Jack looks great!