Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Jack progress

Good evening to all my friends,

How is everyone enjoying this spring we are having, I think mother nature is a little bi-polar at the moment.  I've been busy with soccer kids, this week is a tournament for my daughter and also my son's last game for the season with his club team.  Many changes for next spring as we are losing 5 of his team mates as they graduate high school and move on.  This has been by far their best season and no drama with the parents, it's a shame i have to say that but we have been blessed with some wonderful parents on this team.

Well, here is a picture of Jack that I took this afternoon, I was able to put on 2 more flowers since then, I just love the colors in this pattern, I used the DMC listing that came with the pattern.  

I had an extra special visitor to my feeder this week, 2 beautiful blue birds, I believe they are indigo buntings, one on the feeder and the other on the ground.  I've  never seen them before, they were beautiful.

I will say good evening to everyone, time to go pick up my daughter from work.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and Stitches


  1. I am loving this piece, Dawn!!! I don't own it, but I may just have to rectify that!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of those gorgeous blue birds!!!

  2. Lovin' Jack!! And those birds ~ beautiful!!!

  3. How beautiful!! The stitching and the birds.
    We had 3 days of spring here and it is still cold. But we are thinking positiv and expect the best :-)
    Greetings from Germany, Sabine

  4. Aww mr.jack is looking so cute..
    The birds are really very pretty..
    Big hugs x

  5. Nice progress on Jack, Dawn! And, oh, you are so lucky to have seen an indigo bunting--what a brilliant blue color. I've never seen one around here...