Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A new start

Good morning friends,

Please take a moment and remember the tornado victims, if at all possible, consider donating to the Red Cross, you can simply text a $10.00 donation to 90999 and type in Red Cross in the message line.

On to some stitchy news for me.  I was working on the Courage, LHN little sheep virtue series, man I was making some progress, then I find a mistake, i rip it out, I recount and recount and find another mistake, rip out, and after ripping out half a days progress and continuing to make a mistake, I said bah humbug and put it back in the envelope for now.  I ripped out all the decorative stitches that were on the green center.

I was all ready to start All through the Nights "Blackbirds" but I found a piece of miscellaneous even weave and it called to me.  Has anyone had a piece of fabric that you knew you must have?  This isn't a  fancy piece, just I new I had to stitch on it, so I grabbed LHN's My Needles work and the color pack of crescent colors was a perfect match for it.  It's an olive color piece of fabric but this pattern and fabric were just speaking to me, and so I've been a stitching fool :)  I have so many CCN and LHN patterns kitted up and waiting for me, I swear my mind changes daily, umm sometimes hourly on what I want to stitch...does anyone else go through this?  I also have a habit of pulling out all my kitted patterns and making plans to stitch them, and then a new pattern comes out...and we all know what that means...one must buy the new patterns and then reorganize the kits as to priority :)

Well, off to sip on some coffee and get back to stitching.  I hope everyone has a safe and blessed day.



  1. awww such a cute new start...and the stitchy lady is coming along so lovely..
    lots of love for you..
    happy stitching x

  2. Nice work! I love the colors in the LHN Needleworker piece. I stitched that a few years ago.

  3. Great start on your "new" project, Dawn. Sorry to hear about the frogging but I know how frustrating that can be.

    Unless I'm stitching a big piece, I usually have a few in the mix at the same time. And...if a new chart comes out and calls my name...look out, that's it!

    Have a good week ahead

  4. Yes hun, I have bought material because I just love it and don't know what I'll stitch on it..and I usually buy patterns when they are released and file them away then I see someone else has stitched it and remember I have it and then I have to stitch it also..lol

    Hugs, Shar

  5. Great start! Ugh ~ isn't it frustrating when a piece gives you such problems. Hopefully, those frogs will be long gone next time you pull out that piece!

  6. It sounds like the frog is hopping back and forth between our houses, Dawn--I've been having the same problem with a birthday gift I've been working on (obviously it will be late due to the darn frog and his "help!")... Cute new start, though--hope the frog has left the building!

  7. How frustrating to have to keep ripping out your stitches. Really like your new start though!

  8. Oh, I really like that fabric. The colors just pop on it!!! For me, it's all about the fabric and how the fibers look on it. Sometimes a pattern just does that to you. So smart of you to take a break. I know that you'll eventually come back to it.