Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Happy Dance

Waving hello to everyone on this glorious day, it's very hot, over 80 right now, two days ago we were under a frost advisory, go figure.  However, the birds are out, the sun is out, there is a breeze, just gave Chloe a hose bath, little bit of stitching done and cleaned the upholstery in the car my FIL gave us for the kids.  Phew, busy morning.

Ok, on to something stitchey....this is a wip I started last summer then fall game and I jumped into fall and winter themes, so I saw her laying there in my basket and knew I had to finish her off.
Two Yellow Houses- LHN
32 Ct. Belfast linen- Amber.

So she is added to my list of need to finish pile, seems I have been stitching more then I can afford to frame, I have several online blogging buddies encouraging me to try it myself, which I do plan on it, but the kids needs  wants seem to be taking priority at the moment.  Anyways...I wanted to share this happy dance with you and get back to stitching.  I decided to start LHN "courage", this is out of order but I'm a nonconformist, lol.  

Have a wonderful day


  1. Wow it's looking so pretty..well done
    Big hugs c

  2. You are on fire!!!! LOVE this piece.

  3. I love LHN and those houses are lovely.. I looked back on your blog and some super stitching.

  4. Yay! Another great finish!!!

  5. Congratulations, Dawn, on another beautiful finish--your needle is really smokin' these days :)

  6. This is very beautifull pattern,I like it especially because I live in the yellow/white painted wooden house :)

  7. It's a beautiful finish Dawn! Congrats! I also love your Spring Jack!

  8. Wonderful finish Dawn! The colours are so bright and happy!! Love it!