Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing Room update

Good morning friends,

Thank you for stopping by.  I have only done a little stitching this week, mostly just putting together some Ikea pieces and doing some sorting.  I think I need to go to Ikea for another 4 cube and then I'll be done, I may buy an 8 cube that matches the first bookcase but I don't think I need it and the printer will sit nicely if I get the 4 cube bookcase.  Anyways...I sat and just stared at the stuff, I like things organized and I'm sure I'll change it around several more times before I am completely happy with the organization.  The placement of furniture wasn't hard as I'm limited because of odd walls and placement of a vent.  Here are some pictures of my progress, as always,  a work in progress.

Yesterday i tried to find a pattern, linen and floss that I kitted together before the holiday, it took near an hour for me to find it.  It was right at the beginning of where I started, ugh.  I knew I took it up to show my mom and I remember making sure it went back right in my tote bag, yet I couldn't find it, I had put in a project pouch.  I'm happy that I didn't lose my mind (yet).

I also am working on a Christmas Ornament SAL and have chosen a LHN Ornament from JCS 2011 called Fresh Fallen Snow.  I am going to try and make more ornaments for myself this year.  I have some WIPS that need my attention to and in addition to exchanges to which I have an addiction, I am also participating in RAKS.  Lastly, I plan on using this sewing machine that my mom has given me, it's mostly computerized and I wanted to have a nice place to honor it and feel inspired, hence the guest room (that never  has any guests) turned into a sewing room.  No perhaps I'll have guests come visit, lol, and no place to put them :)  That's how fate works right?

Lastly, Chloe received a bit of a "spa" treatment yesterday at the groomer, I took her to Petsmart to  check on her weight and get her heart worm pill, and went into the groomer to inquire about services and costs, the girl who took care of her was so great.  Chloe is a 60# 10 month old baby who wouldn't even jump on their clipping table without lots of coercing.  Kristy, gave her lots of love and pampered her with brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears, spraying her with puppy perfume, clipping her nails and shaving her paws and fur between her pads and shaving her lower tummy (hygiene shave to help prevent UTI's).  I have to admit, I'm a bad mommy, I didn't know that it is recommended to clip the fur between the pads and toes, my labrador never had stuff like that done, lol. As always, I am a work in progress.  Soo, Kristy actually taught me how to do the paws so I can do it at home.  She survived and she looks great, I didn't pay for a bath as 80% of her is still puppy fur and I brush her daily anyways, plus I think she would freak out with a hair dryer, she is terrified of lawn mowers and vacuums, yet she is gun shot.  I don't get it.  I love my dogs.
laying on the sofa, he loves this spot, DH gets mad since he is ruing the back pillow

Chloe at 10 months and 60#

Here is a picture of them, each trying to push the other out of the way, just like kids


  1. I like the way your sewing room is coming together!! Great use of space! Your dogs are just adorable. Love how they pose for you. I'm hoping to get my fair share of ornaments done as well. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. Dikiş odanız çok düzenli ve ferah ve köpekleriniz çok şirin ve çok sevimli poz vermişler...

  3. Your sewing room looks great and so organized. The puppies are so cute after there spa treatment.
    Happy Stitching

  4. How nice it must be to have your own stitching room!! And not only to have one, but to have one that is so nicely organized ~ I'm just a touch jealous over here!
    Cute pics of the pups! Never heard about trimming the fur either ~ Panzer's grooming consists of baths and brushing at home.
    Looking forward to seeing all of the creations that will come out of that sewing room this year!

  5. What fun it must be to organize your stitching room, Dawn. I have my stitching stuff scattered in cupboards and closets in three different rooms so I'm constantly running around looking for my stuff!!

    How cute are your dogs--they look like great friends to each other!!

    Looking forward to seeing more ornament finishes from you, this year!!

  6. hello deary, your sewing room is looking so beautiful..i love it so much..
    sweet pictures of the pups..
    great stitching progress..
    love for you x