Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time is flying

Good afternoon dear friends,

Welcome to old friends and to my new ones, thank you so much for stoping by.  It's been a busy week. Son just got his drivers permit today, I think I've turned "50 more shades of gray" on the drive home, I let him drive in the neighborhood, trying to be calm, cool and collected, NOT!  I'm so worried he is going to try and use both feet, ugh, need to take him to a big big big parking lot. haha.  How did my parents manage, lol.

OK, well lets see, I'll work from today backwards, In the mail i received a darling RAK from dearest Cucki in South Africa, I have to say the doll is my favorite, she is the sweetest little thing. Plus a few other goodies, a bookmark, scissors and needles (can never have enough of those).

I finished 2 exchange pieces this week so I feel good about that, will work on them Monday and then get them posted to their newest owners :)

We had frigid temps this week and I found a hat my mother had made me as a child and put it on Chloe, she was so funny.
Duncan wearing his sweater and saying his prayers

I made it up to LNS and got to use the bag that Barbara had sent me, It is so beautiful.

I've spent more time playing with the sewing machine this week then stitching but I will work on my ornament SAL and Baby it's cold outside, my I've neglected it this week.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

Blessings to all


  1. What a wonderful RAK! I love the pictures of the dogs--too cute!

  2. aww cute dogs..i love them so much..
    glad you liked it..
    love for you xx

  3. Omgosh1! That doll is adorable from Cucki!! How sweet of her!! Your dog Chloe is adorable as is Duncan!! Hugs!!

  4. Great rak! Aawww....your pups are so cute!