Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seasonal Exchange Received

good afternoon to all my friends, thank you for joining me on this gloomy afternoon.  

I received a seasonal exchange package today from Karen at Karen's Handiwork.  It is a beautiful tin for orts (or chocolate) with handmade counting pins.  I have admired her finishes from her blog and was delighted to see that she had me for this current round, I saw Karen, and South Carolina on the box, and tried to get into it, boy did she have that box taped down, had to pull scissors out!  She was also included a homemade card, everything all color coordinated.

my lns called to tell me my LHN Sheep virtue Hope is in, yeh, but she is closed tomorrow, oh the damn luck!  however....I got a second package from J J's collectables who had a 20% off sale and I snagged 3 charts and some pins.  I am so blessed today!

Have a wonderful evening!
Hugs and stitches


  1. Dawn...that has to be a record for the post office! I can't believe you got that box in 2 days. I do hope you like it and it was a fun stitch. Enjoy.....happy stitching.

    1. It was taped really really well, lol. I love it, I always admire your work and get inspiration from you!

  2. These looks wonderful. Nice work.


  3. What a nice work! And what a great idea! LG Sabine

  4. wow so beautiful..
    i love it..enjoy x

  5. Oh, you lucky girl--Karen's finish is adorable :)

  6. That is lovely. What a great idea!!