Friday, October 26, 2012

just waving hello ~ Tough Mudder

Good morning dear friends,

I don't have any pictures to share with you of stitchy stuff.  I've been working hard on the shepherds bush piece, almost to the home stretch, backstitching and beading hopefuly by next week.
So, what have I been doing?

Somehow I bumped my little baby boy Duncan on his leg on Sunday and he let out this scream that sent the whole family in the room to see what happened, I'm still not sure as I didn't know he was next to me when I went to get up but I bumped his leg, somehow he hurt his back and we've been back and forth to the vet twice this week for pain management.  He is stoned!  on muscle relaxers, pain relivers and anti inflamatories.  He is no longer allowed to jump up or down on the couch.   he can barley make it up the steps from going outside.  I feel so bad, we think it is a disk issuse and needs to be taken seriously so he doesn 't injure it worse.   Little girl Chloe had a well check up and the beast is 60 pounds at 8 months old !  we are trying to keep her from playing rough with Duncan, it hasn't been easy. 

I also made it to my LNS, I figure I had to drive 10 miles to the vet, I was halfway to her store and the car just took me there.  I boght some more stash and some patterns to include in some upcoming exchages I'm in.  I also go some WDW and GAST that are required for some ornaments I am working on for said exchanges.  I also treated myself to a chart called Kringles Crow from Threadwork Primatives. 

I have finished my turkey pykeep that i am doing for Hooked on Exchanging.  I just need to turn it into the pynkeep.  I acturally made a cute one by Sam Sarah but I didn't like the finished piece enough to send to my partner so I did another one that I think is just right.

  DH ran in the ky Tough Mudder this past weekend, it was awesome.  My daughter and I volunteerd to avoind having to pay $40 each at the door!  We got up at 3:30 am to be out the door by 4 am, little over an hours drive (all hotels were booked) took a bus to the site, a 2000 acre all terain vehicle place that the event was at, we were able to choose our assignment, we choose to mark foreheads and body parts with their assigned numbers, it was so much fun and the people who participated were a hoot.  There were 7000 people who did it on Sat and another 3000 on Sunday.  We figure with the 10 of us volunteering we did close to 700 foreheads a piece!  OK, so I did get to take a quick breat to see DH start the race.  It was fantastic, did I mention how great it was?  Very patriotic as they donate to the Wounded Warrior fund and had wounded warriors participate.   This was over an 11 mile obstcle course, DH said it wasn't so much the obstcles that were difficult but the hills were very steep and of course muddy.  when our shift was over, DD and I went down into the course to watch, we saw so many injured people coming off the course on ATV's, then I started to worry about DH hurting his arm again (last year he had to have his bicep tendon reattached to his bone :( )  so I waited and waited and found out the people we were watching were from the 8 am group just finishing at 1pm, there was no way we could stay and watch to see DH as DD had to be at work by 5.  She crashed in the car on the way home.
DH did finish, took him 6 hours and when he got home he could barely walk, I am so pround of him!! 
Picture time :

Duncan so stoned last night he fell asleep standing!

This course was designed by British Special forces, this is not a race, it is a challange.  it includes walking through a pond in chest high ice cubes, going through a electicaly charged jungle of wires, some are hot, some are not, but you find out quickly. 



  1. Hope your fur baby feels better soon.

  2. big beary hugs for you all xxx

  3. Poor Duncan! I hope he will be better soon.

    The Tough mud looks great and seemed to be a lot of fun.
    We got the first snowfall tonight and it is pretty cold outside.
    Greetings Sabine