Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall is in the air

Good afternoon dear friends,

Thank you so much for stopping by. It's been a little bit busy for me this past week.
 Finishing up our high school soccer this season with a post season state tournament, boys, lost to a penalty kick last night so they won't advance, the girls have their first game tonight.  I can't believe I survived!  Just over 2 months of being parent administrator, phew, collecting money, placing orders, emails emails and more emails, trying to work with subway on pregame meals (that was  a nightmare, even with a spreadsheet of dates and items, two times they forgot to make the order, another day they made the order and wondered where I was, wrong month!  ugh, I think next year I'll ask someone to coordinate that)  OK, well, the season is near over and I won't be running around with my head cut off, but I love to watch the kids play.  Very exciting for me. 

Today I found myself just going up to the spare room to pull some floss, two hours later...the room is tidy, things are more organized, now, I just need a nice big desk to set up my Janome embrodeiry machine that my mom gave me...I hope by the end of the year once I've met some commitments on the exchange rounds that I can dive in and learn or find some quilting shops that offer lessons.

Well, there were a few times I should have been stitching the shepherds bush piece, but ended up playing with some fabric pumpkins, I found several free patterns on cute pumpkins and tried them.  I'm not a fantastic sewer, but I love them, I think they are too cute.  Next I'd like to try one of the more difficult patterns and use several different fabrics in one...Here are the two I wipped up, they are quick, under an hour to make

We've also had some nights dip into the 30's, Duncan has come up to our bed and wedged himself between our pillows while I'm in the shower, of course, after I've already made the bed....wish the kids didn't have to be at school so early (starts at 7:15 here), I think we would all like to sleep in.

I hope this weekend is good, DH has signed up for the Tough Mudder copetition in Maysville KY.   There is a team of 15ish participating, I signed up to volunteer but haven't heard back yet.  It is a several mile (10-12) obstacle course designed by the Britsh special forces.   I look at the website and think what the hell is he thinking, he isn't an old man but he's not a spring chicken.  Can't wait, I do hope that I can volunteer, make sure the mud is muddy or simply hand out water...should be an interesting weekend weekend, but I'm not afraid to ask for a few prayers for everyones safety during this event.  All they support the wonded worrier project so I do admire that.

I hope you have a pleasant week, enjoy the fall weather and the crisp air, crunchy leaves and stitching.



  1. Good morning Dawn, seems to be cleaning up is in the air :-). I also clean my room and hope I will have some more space after all is done.
    I love the scarecrow-box and the pumpkins.
    We also have some deegrees around 30s and I knitted a dog sweater for Trude for our wintertime. Duncan looks great, deep down in the pillows. Greetings from Germany Sabine

  2. hello deary, i love fall so much so much and i really love your scarecrow box and the pumpkin so much,..they so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    big hugs cucki xxx

  3. oh very beautiful ! I love the dog !

    bisous de FRANCE

    1. Thank you so much, your work is exquisite! Love the music on your blog!