Monday, April 16, 2012

New puppy

Well I was hoping to make some progress stitching but I have an unexpected family member and I'll be chasing her for awhile and teaching her to stay out of mommas stitching stuff.
Well, it all started with a Sat soccer game and a very sweet puppy, my sons teammate had just gotten a golden Friday night and she was the sweetest little ball of fluff. Then the conversation started, where did you get her, are there anymore, do you have their phone number....then the texts to the DH while he as work, how's your day, how you feeling today, can we go look at a puppy? Then I called the folks that had the pup, there was only 1 left, yes a female ( what I wanted), only problem that someone from Toledo was supposed to come see her, expressed some interest in her, will call me back tomorrow. Fast forward to Sunday, I couldn't wait for the call, I called in the afternoon and expressed more interest. He called back and said the Toledo guy bailed and we could come see her tonight, and we did, and she came home.
My frenchie Duncan is not happy about this, did some snapping and some aggression for the first hour, but I expected it, he has been king cheese for 4 years now. Today is better, they are playing a lot and I've been trying to give him and her lots of love. It can only get better right? Well, she was barking when she went into the crate last night, so my son slept with her, he's in love. And we were all up at 4:30 this morning. I left her in the crate while i took the kids to school, it hurts but she needs to get accustomed to being alone. Duncan, is definitely the alpha dog, I will keep working with him, I know its hard for him too.
So this leads me back to not having gotten much stitching done and doubtful much more will over the next few days, but I will try.
I love puppy breathe :)

My slow progress


  1. What an adorable puppy! Congratulations on your new family member : )

    1. Thank You Shirlee, they played so hard they slept and I got to stitch, an hour but I'll take it.