Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All is quiet

Well, Phew, Easter came in with family visits and running around, kids are back to school, and I can finally sit down and stitch again! Yippee! My ex - SIL and family came to visit us for the holiday from Pittsburgh. The kid cousins were thrilled to spend some time catching up, they are all in their early teenagers and my SIL doesn't consider me an OUT-LAW ;) all is good. We got to enjoy some shopping, some swimming at their hotel and lots of eating. Pulled out the corn hole game and relaxed in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Easter Sunday was at my MIL's for dinner which is always yummy. Humm, Yesterday was back to school grind for the kids and my son's first soccer game of the spring season, unfortunately it got ugly and even one of the grandparents made a threat to the ref and was ordered to leave the pitch. I just don't understand sometimes, this is supposed to be fun, it's already competitive as the boys are 15-17, there is plenty of testosterone out on the field without the ugliness. Anyways, we lost but it's all good.

Today was a good stitching day, I had to sit up at the car dealership for my gas tank sensor to be repaired, and the good news aside from 3 hours of uninterrupted stitching was that it was half covered by GM! Gotta love that! I am working on LHN- Home of a Needleworker Too. Then I spent an hour in Jo Ann's looking for the perfect material and embellishments to make 3 finishes, it's supposed to rain later this week so that will be a good day to be in the basement and sew.

My dining room smells awesome- I had 16 boxes from Yankee Candle delivered Friday morning for the high school fundraiser, finally went through the paperwork last night, now I need to load them in the car and find a date that parents can come pick them up. After I got to smell all these beautiful scents, I am witting that I had bought more! UGH, always the case.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!


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