Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything OK at the Howard house

Well the bad weather has passed and rather quickly, the tornado sirens went off a few times, I gathered the candles, my cross stitch, the computer and purse all prepared to head to the basement. We huddled around the tv for over an hour, unfortunately they are confirming 4 deaths from this front and total destruction of smaller rural town, pray for these communities, it appears we will have a rough spring ahead.
The picture was taken when they gave us the all clear, can't believe how dark it is!
On a positive note as I was waiting for the storm to approach, I learned how to change my background on the blog! Even small acheivements amaze me sometimes. :)
Have a blessed weekend, be safe.


  1. So glad you're okay Dawn! We have been having tornado alerts off & on all day & the radar is showing a doozie of a storm cell coming right at us in the next half hour. Hugs, Shirlee

  2. So glad to hear you're safe!