Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Busy Week

Good evening everyone,

I can't believe how fast this week has gone.  DH was on the mend and back to work!  Yeh.  I got my new gas oven- Yeh Yeh (our kitchen was electric and DH put in a gas line to the kitchen for me), my son used my stove before I did!  Got to love a kid who's comfortable in the kitchen.  We took the other stove to MIL and hung out with family all day last Friday.  I know my SIL is pregnant but she hasn't told us yet so we had to play stupid, lol.   Andrew's indoor soccer team won their first game of the season Sunday, woo too!  Go Crew.  Ashley and I went to LNS where I bought some threads and linen (now mind you I'm about to have hand surgery on the 26th and I'm buying supplies like I'll pick right up where I left off)  I need to find a way to hold a Qsnap while my left hand will be in a half cast :'0
Then we went to the "rich" mall, that's where you may see's standard poodles walking around in the Apple Store, or see a Cincy Bengal shopping.  Anyways, Ashley went to the Vera Bradley store and bought herself a backpack and wallet (the best part it was with her own money from her job!)  So proud that she saves and thinks about what she really wants before making random purchases.  Then she and I enjoyed a lunch at the Cheesecake Factory- and we made it out without eating any cheesecake!

I've just been running around doing pre-op appointments and then Ashley has a really bad toothache and will finally see the dentist tomorrow, she was put on Antibiotics and Tylenor 3, which tore her stomach up last night so we were both up for a few hours, her 5 day weekend was now a 6 day weekend.

ohhh, and furbaby #2 is ONE today!  yeh, I don't know where the year has gone, she was a fluffy ball of fur and she still is, only 60 pounds now.

Lastly, I have been doing all kinds of stitching and sewing and finishing but most are exchanges so I can't share pictures yet.  I have made small progress on Baby it's cold outside, I really love it and will be trying to spend more time working on it before next week.

sewing a Spurs logo on a shirt-favorite basketball team
the collar got sewed into the design -- OHH the pain!
LOL, I even checked but obviously not enough
a new cleaning shirt

Ashley proud of her purchase

New stove- ohhh with a grille, I'm so excited to try it out

a pretty snow, 5 " in 3 hours and melted before nights end

Andrew practicing driving today- he did really well

some new stash
progress on Baby It's Cold Outside

Birthday Girl
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and is as Blessed as I am.


  1. aww ia m thinking of you so much my busy bee..
    lovely new stash..enjoy your time with the sewing machine..it is really very nice..
    lots of love for you x

  2. The new stove has me drooling! I would like one with 5 burners and a grill. Some day. That stash...hehe...a girl has to be prepared! My Bridget is 7 tomorrow. Do you sing Happy Birthday to your fur-baby?

  3. Looks like you've had a busy, but fun week, Dawn...What fun you'll have with your new sewing machine and that stove!! Love them both :)

  4. You are a busy lady!! Enjoy that new stove and stash! Happy Birthday to the fur baby!!