Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New start, and exchange received

Good afternoon dear friends,

thank you for stopping by, I've been trying to do a blog update on my IPad and keep getting an error message so since I received an exchange piece today, I had to sit down at the computer and do a post.

So, lets play catch up!

Seasonal exchange received today from Stephanie at Blue Star Stitcher, it is a cute squirrel, but I don't know the name of the pattern, anyways, it is just adorable, which reminds me, I haven't seen a squirrel in our yard since Chloe joined our family??  I'll have to find out when I post to the seasonal exchange blog.

Then I received some on line stash on Friday...i'm addicted to LHN and CCN...

So after going to my folks on Friday night, and being hyped up, I finished an ornie for a private exchange, so I can't show you that one...on to the next

Before I left my parents grape farm, I ran out to the vineyard and cut a bunch of vines, I've decided to make a grapevine tree, they are soaking in the laundry room right now.  I've wanted one for ages and stopped to price them, I think not!, espicialy when my childhood home is 40 acres of wish me luck :)  hope to work on that this week.

So Monday brought me up to my LNS to deliver the Shepherds Bush piece, yeh ( and get paid, double Yeh!)  I bought some threads and linen for the above patterns...

but...I started on Winter Plaid by LHN that I ordered and got about 3 weeks ago, it's been killing me to start it but I knew I had to finish the SB piece.   Also I asked if she had Baby it's cold outside and she said she sold out over the weekend...No.....but she will order one for me.  I've seen it on so many blogs this past few weeks and have fallen in love with it so I have that one to look forward to.

Oh, I also went to JoAnn's and bought a Ott light, it was half off and then I was a day late on the 25% off coupon, as I paid for it and walked out, I noticed tomorrow starts their Veteran's day sale, so the light has been in my car all week, tomorrow I will return it and repurchase it at the half off and the 20% off that I get with my military dependant ID, that should knock it down to about $80 dollars.  It's the only thing I've treated myself with, besides all the books, threads and fabrics (shh, we won't tell DH)
I always miss the sale or they are always sold out, so this time, i'll just return the bugger and rebuy at the cheaper price, besides, I own stock in this store, just go through my bins of fabric  ;)

lets see, just the cutest lil Frenchie photo, just made me grin, I wonder if Duncan wouldn't mind wearing a hat like that??

Have a great week everyone!!



  1. Aww cute Duncan ..he is looking so happy :)
    Beautiful stitching and great new stash ..
    Lovely new start
    Big hugs cucki xxx

  2. Love the exchange piece!! Great goodies and stitches too!