Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two finished Pin Keeps

Yeh, I did it, I used the tutorials from The Twisted Stitcher and finished 2 pin keeps. The acorn finish I saw on a finished one from Hooked On Exchanges blog a few weeks ago and loved it. She had done a fantastic job, the only change I made to her finish was to add the nut stem, made it more challenging but I am happy with the finished project.

Tonight I will finish up on my BlackBird designs "Morning Star" project. These have been a few productive days for me. Love it!

Have a fantastic night.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy days

Hello friends,
After a beautiful fall afternoon yesterday, this Friday starts off with rain. A very good day for stitching. Today I finished A Very Merry Autumn by Judy Whitman. I started it yesterday, it is from JBW designs. I saw it on Hooked on Exchanges and loved the acorn style pin keep and plan on doing it as she did. Need some needles and some ribbon so i will run to Jo Ann's when I go to pick up my kids from school. I am ready to start a Blackbird design, I'll have to go see which one I want to do. Some many to start, so little time! I'll make my rainbow with floss.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bird and Flower

Yesterday I started and finished this lil number called Bird and Flower by Chessie & Me. It was a free design and worked up really fast. Thinking of making it into a pin keep. I also started the Christmas stocking yesterday but I'm waiting for the main colors to come in so I did a few stitches and put it aside. Last night I started another lil number called Merry Autumn.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic fall.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More finishes

Well I finished Eye on the Sparrow today by Diane Grick, not sure how i want to finish it off yet, perhaps a soft stand. I also added buttons on Lizzie Kate Fall Ya'll, the pattern is so old that they don't make the buttons anymore but we found good substitutes, lastly, I made my first pin book, lol. Pretty good for a first timer, hope to improve as I go along. For the Fall Ya'll, I believe I will attempt a wall or door hanging, keeping working on these sewing skills.
I am about to start a Shephard's Bush Christmas stocking that I was asked to do by my favorite shop owner. That will bring a few extra dollars to keep my habit up :) Attached are today's finishes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

LIzzie Kate Exchange

Joined the Lizzie Kate exchange today, very excited about that. I have been looking for a round robin to join but this seems like it will be equally as fun. Started to browse to see what patterns there are and finishes that would be nice to do.
I took my two most recent finishes to Keepsakes to be framed but told her there is no rush on them since I'm still dealing with high school expenses for 2!
Hope everyone has a great day, cool and dreary, going to go start on some apple pie and stew. Yummy!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Excited about two finished items today, I used two soft finishes 1. a pillow from the tutorial on Focus on Fishishing by Ann S. and 2. a stand up by Vonna at the Twisted Stitcher. My pillow isn't as squared off as I was hoping but it is my first one and I'm not a very good sewer to begin with so I happy that is does look nice, now i just need some stuffing. I also made a stand up following Vonna's tutorial and I am happy with the results, again my first stand up so I'm hoping with a little bit more practice they will look outstanding. Hoping to add pictures later.

Now onto some stitching,
Enjoy the wonderful fall day.



Monday, September 12, 2011

So I went to my favorite store, Keepsakes, I bought the 2011 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments, leaflet Morning Star by Blackbird Designs and Gathering Basket Pincushion by Blackbird Designs. I spent some of my weekend trying to find a round robin or exchange and was so surprised at how many wonderful blogs there are.  I find myself starting to admire more of the antique samplers, never thought I'd like them but I am a work in progress and appreciate all the great stitching stuff out there.  
Anyways, I took two pieces in to be framed, yeh, and bought some supplies in the hope to try and do some soft finishes, then perhaps I'll feel confident to join an exchange.  I mention my confidence as I was in a non stitching coma as my carpel tunnel was so bad I couldn't stitch, I had my surgery last November and haven't put down my needle and tell anyone the surgery is great, quick recovery and back in business.   With being able to stitch so has my stash grown :)
Another beautiful day, enjoy the evening.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

beautiful day

as my heart is heavy with remembering 9-11, my husband and I have done some reflecting of the day as he was on the USS George Washington that was sent immediately to the harbor after the attack, he recalls the smoke so thick that it was hard to see, he took no pictures as it was to painful to remember at that time,  all those men on the ship helpless watching New York suffer.  May God Bless the families of the fallen.

It is a beautiful day outside, my baby girl just turned 14 Friday so I try to keep  being positive so she doesn't feel the weight of the 9-11 events on her birthday.

Today is beautiful outside after 5 days of rain, the positive note is that it was a great week to do much stitching.  Yesterday I spent some browsing through some cross stitch websites, so many beautiful blogs, so many ideas. Beautiful patterns and oh how I wish I had the time to stitch and stitch ;)  I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and bought supplies to make a box as shown on the Twisted Stitcher blog tutorial.  I think I wait for a rainy day to work on that project.

My mom is getting older, 78 and having a harder time doing her crafts so she has been sending me home with bags of material and quilting stuff.  She is working on finishing up the last of her projects and then will send me home with her Janome machine.  My passion is cross stitch but I will be making some things  with all the material and patterns too.

Well, i think I'll go work on some stitching and browse through more blogs...
Happy Stitching


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Got back home to Cincy last night after spending a few days with my family, it's good to see my parents and spend time with mom.
Today was the first day of high school for my babies, where has the time gone?  The house is too quiet!  I will try to stay busy.  I just scanned photos of some of my cross stitch pieces and have two piles, those that are completely done with framing and those that still need to be framed.  I do believe we need to hit big on the lottery to pay for framing!
I hope everyone has a fantastic day!



Friday, September 2, 2011

visiting family

Good evening, we made it safely to Erie this afternoon after getting stuck in some major traffic in Akron. So happy to be home visiting my parents. Mom is crocheting and I just pulled out my cross stitch to work on today. Going to go into Erie tomorrow and see if I can hit up a store here, always nice to visit new stores and of course, by more stuff.

Enjoy the evening!