Sunday, September 11, 2011

beautiful day

as my heart is heavy with remembering 9-11, my husband and I have done some reflecting of the day as he was on the USS George Washington that was sent immediately to the harbor after the attack, he recalls the smoke so thick that it was hard to see, he took no pictures as it was to painful to remember at that time,  all those men on the ship helpless watching New York suffer.  May God Bless the families of the fallen.

It is a beautiful day outside, my baby girl just turned 14 Friday so I try to keep  being positive so she doesn't feel the weight of the 9-11 events on her birthday.

Today is beautiful outside after 5 days of rain, the positive note is that it was a great week to do much stitching.  Yesterday I spent some browsing through some cross stitch websites, so many beautiful blogs, so many ideas. Beautiful patterns and oh how I wish I had the time to stitch and stitch ;)  I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and bought supplies to make a box as shown on the Twisted Stitcher blog tutorial.  I think I wait for a rainy day to work on that project.

My mom is getting older, 78 and having a harder time doing her crafts so she has been sending me home with bags of material and quilting stuff.  She is working on finishing up the last of her projects and then will send me home with her Janome machine.  My passion is cross stitch but I will be making some things  with all the material and patterns too.

Well, i think I'll go work on some stitching and browse through more blogs...
Happy Stitching


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