Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An overdue hello

Stopping in and saying hello!  

I have been busy with work, it's been such a pleasure to work with the children. Birth to 3 is such a fun age, even he tantrums are comical....but I get to leave after 90 minutes....:). Anywho, it keeps me busy and little time to stitch.  I did manage to finish LHN's Hands to Work.  I am so happy stitching this piece, it brings such happy thoughts.   I was just able to finish it this evening and thought I'd share it with you.
I went to visit my parents over Easter, it was so good to go home.  mom and I made 120 pierogi!  Umm they were sooo good.   I hope to make more soon.  I also had the opportunity to stop at Cross My Heart in Columbus on my way home and treated myself to a few patterns...couldn't resist. 
Hope to start them soon....I also ordered new releases from LHN &  CCN yesterday... Pretty in Perle and Welcome. I hopeless!!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!  Stay blessed.


  1. Beautiful stitching... And ooh I would not be able to resist either! Happy stitching!
    Smiles :)

  2. Wonderful stitching and finish Dawn , nice stash .

  3. This is a "Must have " pattern and you hve stitched it beautifully!
    Your new charts are both lovely too.

  4. Fabulous finish, it is such a lovely design!! Love your new stash too :)

  5. So glad you're enjoying your job, Dawn, and still having a bit of time left to stitch. Your newest finish is lovely--beautiful job with the fabric and lace :)

    Glad you got some home-made pierogi!! Yum!!

  6. Hello hello sweetie
    Such a sweet finish..I love it so much
    And your stash is super sweet too
    Big hugs x

  7. Lovely finish and lovely treats! Well done!! :)

  8. Ah, pierogi ... what the angels serve Jesus in heaven : ) You have got me hungry for it now my friend! So wonderful to see a post from you. You sound very happy with your job & life in general. I''m so glad : ) Lovely stitching!

  9. Wonderful stitching and finishing.

  10. Beautiful stitching and finishing!