Tuesday, January 3, 2012

decisions decisions...

Well we had our first snow fall of the year, just a dusting yesterday but I loved it, however the dog and I were not impressed with the 9 degree wind chill. He had to put on his coat!
I spent the day working on my noel snow ferry by With thy Needle, and I ran to the store to buy some yarn for a shawl I thought I would make for my dear 85 year old friend back in VA who is always cold. She says my husband is her husband and is just a dear family friend.
I just went through my files trying to decide what I want to make for the seasonal exchange due next month, every time I think I've found the perfect chart, then my eye catches something else. I have it narrowed down to 5...I guess I'll see what my favorite store has in stock of sampler threads and that may narrow my decision too.
I hope everyone has a safe and blessed new year and that we may find joy in our crafts.


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