Friday, December 30, 2011


It's been a crazy holiday. Good for the most part learning to deal with my parents aging rapidly and getting hurts. Mom busted her head open we'd night and spent the night in the hospital, sigh. We drove back to cincy on wednesday, we got locked out of the Tahoe by the dog, ugh! It's all good. I loved visiting with my mom and dad. Can't believe I didn't get any stitching done! We made perogis on Monday- yum. I also made a infinity scarf ! Fell in love with the pattern. I love to crochet but my skills are beginner- intermediate.
I got myself an iPad 2 with my Christmas money. I love this thing. Love scanning my patterns and just pulling up so very easy.
As we close this year I feel so blessed for my family and friends

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, seems I would get one step forward and two back this morning, I am working on a lil freebie by Ink Circles but i just kept making mistakes, soooo, i figured I needed some retail therapy and took a drive to my local cross stitch store, just to by 2 skeins of some Weeks and sampler threads and ended up buying some linen and a new pattern, I can't seem to stay out of trouble....:)

Enjoy your day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Story Of The Christmas Robin

Found this on a blog today and was very touched by it. It came from

The Christmas night was extremely cold and a cold breeze blew constantly into the stable where Mother Mary lay with her infant, Jesus. The fire in the stable, the only source of heat for the baby, was about to go off and all that Mary could do was call the surrounding animals for help. She asked the sleeping ox, lazy donkey, horse and the sheep, but they were either of no use or just refused to help. Suddenly, Mary heard the flapping sound of wings. A robin had heard Mother Mary's cry for help and had flown to the stable to help her out. The robin flapped his wings hard at the dying embers of fire until the fire was rekindled and became bright red. He fanned continuously, flapping hard so that the fire never went out and kept the baby warm. To ensure that the fire stayed alive, the robin used his beak and dropped some dry sticks in the fire. This caused the fire to rise abruptly and it burnt the breast of the bird. Despite the burns that he received, the bird didn't bother and continued fanning so that the infant could be kept warm for long enough to sleep comfortably. Mother Mary heartily thanked the robin for his efforts and tenderly looked at his breast that was now red with the burns and blessing him for his deed of valor and selflessness.

more ornaments finished

Spent the morning finishing off a few more gifts, I still have a few more to work on but at least the "gifts' are finished. I also started to work on an infinity scarf last night. I can crochet but i'm not advanced by any means, I have this beautiful pattern, made it through the first round, but the second one is kicking my but, may have to put it on hold to next week when I see my mom to show me my errors. lol.

also got a batch of cookies made, so many more I want to have but not sure what to do, my stitching tugs at my heart, lol. My in-laws are coming for dinner tomorrow, they are very laid back and I won't have to worry about perfection. phew!

The cold weather is back and it's good stitching weather, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, December 9, 2011

moving along

Very happy with the progress I've made this week on finishing up some gifts.
Last night at my daughters music rehearsal I got a lot done on the LHN Peppermint piece, I'll go back to work on that this afternoon.
Was watching GMA this morning and they had a Kris Humphries mother's butter cookie, they looked good so I tried them out, they are fantastic. So check them out on the GMA website. Now to keep the kids out of them.

Everyone enjoy the day- alas it is FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

starts and finishes

I finished 3 LK ornaments, have many more waiting for my attention...I'm always a work in progress, I've also started two other ornaments, I am nearly finished with Kisses from Heaven but wasn't happy with the color of some backstitching in contrast to the material so I figure I'll look for something with more pizazz. Next I started the Peppermint ornament by LHN, I really like how it is working up, I am using 32 ct linen. Here are my 3 LK finishes..

we had snow flurries today- love it! Best stitching weather! Enjoy the season..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Received Exchange Piece

This is a great ornament received yesterday from my LK Christmas exchange and a bonus gift of a black and violet braclet. I found doing the exchange very fun, I participated in a round robin years ago and enjoyed that as well but having to stitch 4 pieces in a time period rattled me with 2 babies, so the exchange pieces are smaller and I feel less pressure. I've now signed up for a seasonal exchange as well and am really looking forward to participating.
Enjoy the weekend, going to do some stitching and watch some football. I live in Cincy but...GO STEELERS !


Friday, December 2, 2011

mailed my LK exchange piece

Hello everyone, I am pleased that I got my piece done and mailed before the mailing deadline next week. I've been busy sewing all kinds of Christmas ornaments. It is very inspiring to be completing so many things, I typically work on bigger items but have been having fun working on many of LK's Christmas patterns. I have been trying to bake one batch of Christmas cookies each day and then stitch. I've baked cookies 3 days in a row but my family got to yesterday's batch before I could freeze them so those are gone, lol.
It's been a busy few last weeks, had to drive to the other side of Columbus to do a switch off with my ex with the kids, so that was a 2.5 hour drive and then back home to start working on Thanksgiving dinner last Wednesday night. My step daughters came in Wednesday afternoon and my mom in law later that evening, we stayed up till 1:30 am cooking. It was good fun, then Thursday was leisurly finishing the preping and cooking for the feast. I don't mink hosting Thanksgiving, but I don't have the patience when it comes to the little ones jumping on my furniture and running after being corrected, ugh! Just to have my sisters in laws tell me that they let the kids jump at home because their furniture is old, sigh. so is mine but it's got to last awhile longer! We were never allowed to run and jump in a home when I was growing up. Just reinforces me to say my two are enough, lol.
So dinner was good, everyone made it back home safely, it was nice to spend time with everyone and chow down.
Well, i've griped enough, time to start prepping dinner- tonight is cheese fondue and then chocolate fondue for desert- yummy. Perhaps some wine too. :) Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.