Saturday, December 14, 2013

A gift and exchange received-

I am blessed and always amazed at this cross stitch blogging community.  These past few years have been wonderful with the exchanges I've participated in and the friends that I have made.

On Thursday I came home to this wonderful gift from dear friend Shirlee, out of the blue and poof, this little treasure for me.  Since this is my first week back to work, and wondering to myself what have I gotten myself into, this gift arrived and brightened my day.  It's only been a week on the job but not being able to stitch at will has definitely put a damper on me.  I have been waking up extra early to give myself an hour of stitching to try and finish some pieces I am working on.  Thank you dear Shirlee for putting some sunshine into my day.

I am also participating in Vonna's LHN blog,   I received this beautiful finished ornament from Nicole, it's the new one that Diane released, Seven Pines.  It's too cute.  I haven't had the time to stitch ornaments for myself this year so it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Nicole also included some metallic trims and a Mill Hill beaded Christmas kit. 

I survived my first week of being back in the work force, I had my ups and downs and information overload.  I have adjusted to a slower and leisure life style, lol.  I will have to adjust to deadlines again.  I enjoy my co workers and the non profit agency that I work for.  I've met some of the families we provide services for and have been brought back to why I love being a social worker so much, it isn't for the money!  Anyways, I've switched gears and work with early Headstart families, birth to 3, and I'm in love with the kiddos, already wanted to sneak one in my bag and bring him home with me.  Seeing the kids and how their faces light up makes it all worth while.   Soo, I'm exhausted, not Christmas shopping done, barely any cookies made, but, as always, I am a work in progress and will adjust :)

I hope everyone has a pleasant week with lots of stitchy time.  I hope to fine some minutes to finish off WTNT Jingle Bells.  Hopefully I will get to share my finish with you soon.

Hugs and stitches

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Happy December,
We have been in a heat wave (62 degrees) here in south western Ohio, but the snow is on it's way, it went from 1-2", to 2-4" and now it's 3-6" inches coming tomorrow.  Kids are thinking they won't have school, wait until they find out it won't be here until the afternoon :) 
Lets see, I have got some stitching in here and there but it's all been for exchanges so I can't share them yet, but I'm getting better with my finishing thanks to Vonna and her awesome tutorials.  
We'll folks, I'm returning back to work, officially on Monday!  I'm going to be working with pre-Headstart families, birth to 3 years old!  Ohh I love me some babies so I am very excited at this new juncture.  The kids will both be driving (Ashley takes her driving  test this Sat -pending weather) so I will no longer be driving her back and forth to school, work and soccer :)  I'm excited for her and sad at the same time, my baby will be even more independent and I love seeing the kids growing into the young adults they are becoming but I want my babies back to. 
OK, back to working, I've already got a bag of stitch stuff to keep in the car when there is time.  I will make time, lol.  Or stitch before work, I will figure something out. Hopefully this will also put me and hubby back on the right track some and help with the bills, etc.  I'm sure my fur babies won't be happy since they've had me all to themselves for awhile now.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, 18 family members were here.  Lots of food and laughter, so wonderful to visit with everyone.  I am thankful for my husbands family, they are such a loud fun bunch to be around, you can't help but smile when they are near.  I am also looking forward to Christmas so I can visit with my mom and dad who I haven 't seen since earlier this year.
I think that is about it for now.  Everyone stay safe and warm in this crazy weather.

Hugs and Stitches.