Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waving Hello

Good morning dear friends, new and old.

Just checking in to say I am still alive, trying to realign my life at the moment, which has meant little stitching has been accomplished.  We, my husband and I are trying to decide what to do with each other, we are working on adapting.  We are a military family and are used to spending months, typically 6- 7 months at a time, apart from each other.  When the ship was in port, there were duty days and one week operations here and there, well, now that he is retired (2010), I think we are having a hard time spending so much time together, lol.  I've been doing soul searching and concluded that I spoiled him, made sure when he was home we were always doing something.  Well, he isn't a fan of me stitching in the evening while he is home and lack of wanting to go out.  I let my worries about money, the kids, the dogs etc. get in the way and basically have become a homebody.  So, now that there is a threat that our marriage won't last, I've agreed to no stitching while he is at home and try to worry less about things and start enjoying life outside the house.  I suppose we all go through these life changes, kids getting older, needing us less, etc.  So with all that said, this past month has been a slap in the face, a wake up call to me and a realignment of my soul.  Thanking everyone who sent emails to me to check in and offer support, love and hugs, you truly have helped me, more that a simple thank you can say.  I want to say things are better, I'll say it cautiously because only time will tell but we've had more laughter than tears recently.

Let's play some catch up.  I am stitching, just not everyday, I'm still working on LHN  mystery sampler, I should be further along, two Halloween exchange pieces and as if I needed yet another WIP I started Pumpkin Hill from LHN to.  I just feel the need to work on fall pieces, kids went back to high school and it just feels like fall to me, despite the heat.

Andrew passed his driving exam on August 13th so he is driving himself to school, I still worry when he drives off, always saying please be careful....I get "I know mom"
He is in the Med Tech program at school.
Miss Ashley who has her temps and will be 16 next week, bought herself a car, we are helping her fix it up, that child, ughh...last night she declares she wants straight A's this year and since 11th grade is the hardest she wants to quit her job at DQ.  So this brought on the whole conversation about the car, insurance, taking her required driving class, etc.   One word  "kids"  

We took in our first Reds game since moving to Cincinnati, we had nose bleed seats, 6 rows down from the top, but it was fun and we were strait up from first base.  We hope to attend a Bengals game this fall. 

Am I still buying charts?? Oh, my yes, I do have a pattern addiction, I just ordered a bunch from the St. Charles market, and this is on top of what I received this week in the mail.
Up Up and Away by CCN, Flag Lady by WTNT, Summer Sampler CCN, Pumpkin Brew CCN, Halloween by Allessandra Adelaide , June Honeysuckle by Cottage Stitcher

I've also ordered
Red- Mirabelia
Count Your Blessings CCN
Beggars Night Threadwork Primitives
Noel Sampler WTNT
Paper Snowflakes WTNT
Crowing About Fall
Moon and Spider
Hibernation Day
(Sooo, do you see why DH may be a lil upset with me ?)
I have enough charts to open a library after 30 years of stashing.

We did make some Apple Pie Moonshine a few days ago, Oh my gosh, it was sooo good, I can't wait to have some warm with a cool night by a fire outside.  yummm.

OH gosh, we took a drive to VA Beach 2 weeks ago to visit my step daughters and friends.  I needed that so much.  I haven't laughed that hard since we moved here to Ohio.  It was 2 quick days but it was some awesome therapy to visit with them and some friends we consider family.  MIL went to, she is a hoot.  The girls are 24 and almost 22,  we don't get to see them much with school and work and the distance in between but it is so fun when we do spend time together.

Well, I'm sure there is more to tell but, as always, my thought leave my mind...
hoping everyone has a wonderful day!

Love and Stitches

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Exchanged Recieved

Happy Thursday dear friends,

I had a wonderful surprise in todays mail....I received my summer exchange piece from my Season Exchange group.  It's the sweetest little Shepherds Bush Ornament.  She made it into a wonderful ornament and added tiny buttons, just too cute!  I love Shepherds bush so this is perfect for me. 

Scatter Sunshine
Thank you for stopping buy...I don't have any progress to share.  My stitching has come to a near halt while my life has become chaotic, soccer, soccer, has a way of becoming complicated when we don't even realize it, so family first for now, I'll still be around just taking a quiet back seat so I can focus my attention to my family.  Thanks for your support.

Hugs and stitches