Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hooked on Exchanging

I have very much neglected this blog, I do however check in daily to see how everyone else is doing.

I have had a good stitching year and am happy with several of the pieces I've completed

Afternoon in London- CCN
Heaven and Nature Sing- Kathy Barrick
Babushka's Blossom- PSS
Cozy Night- The Prairie Schooler
Hey There Pumpkin- Hands on Designs
Liberty Lane- CCN
Long May She Wave-LHN

I was sad to see some of our fellow bloggers disappear so after further investigation I found them on Instagram- where I am guilty of posting there rather than here.

What's the special occasion today?  I received an exchange piece from Rachel - we were paired up in Hooked On Exchanging - Stephanie was sweet enough to get the site running again and proposed a Christmas Exchange.  This is what Rachel sent to me- JCS 2016 Yuletide Memories. 

Life has been busy- when isn't it.  I picked up a part time job with Delta Airlines and after 6 months- I'm still trying to become proficient with the software.  I never knew there was so much that went on behind the scenes.  I love the job and the people I work with. Erie is a small station so we are a close group.    One of these days I will take advantage of the free travel....sigh.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with many blessings.